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In addition to our bi-annual participant programmes, YMI make further impact by lending their knowledge and expertise to other businesses that want to improve their ability to support the young and underemployed demographic. Skills sharing is available in the form of consultancy, coaching and key note presentations from our founder.


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We offer consultancy services which can help your organisation progress in a number of ways. Our consultants will naturally bespoke their service to your particular need but, broadly, consultancy is offered in the follow spaces: 

Youth Engagement  
Helping companies to set up and successfully run youth programmes, apprenticeships, internships and the like, to better attach young people to their business and develop that talent within the organisation 
Programme Advice
Helping companies improve the running and outcomes of their current CSR programme, focusing especially on areas that YMI does well; youth retention, program design, funding and board development 
Start-up mentoring and coaching
Advising start-up businesses or individuals on how to set up a social mission, business or organisation
CSR programme set-up
Helping companies to set up their own robust, effective and on-going CSR programmes for maximum impact

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Asma, our founder, is an accredited Relational Dynamics Coach. Her training, along with her extensive work and life experience put her in a unique position to offer valuable and effective coaching in this area. Asma works with individuals to help them articulate their goals, move through blockages and define actions which propel them forward in a direction of their choosing. 

Coaching is delivered on a one-to-one basis, in 50-minute slots. Sessions can be booked in blocks or an on-going basis.


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Asma has a powerful and compelling life story which culminates in the founding of You Make It. Drawing on her professional and personal experience, she aims to equip, inspire and motivate young or underemployed women from diverse backgrounds to strive for their fullest potential through her speaking engagements and appearances. 

Asma can give keynote presentations at companies meeting or events and is also available for panel discussions and interviews.

Please contact us to discuss presentation topics, ranging from diversity and inclusion to social entrepreneurship and more, and enquire as to availability. 

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Social Impact

Do you want to make a difference? We change and transform lives and continue to survive and thrive due to our proven and robust social impact.

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We’ve got a lot of valuable expertise to share. All of our partners across sectors can benefit from our consultancy and coaching services.

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YMI not only addresses the issues we face in setting up a business or pursuing a career, but Asma shares all that is in her grasp to make the journey a lot easier.
Aramide Fadiora, YMI Alumni