Originally published in the East London Advertiser, 15th September 2016

They graduated on Monday after six months of “inspirational and creative” group learning with one-to-one mentoring and work placements as well as creative start-up projects.

The course is run each year by the charity ‘You Make It’ which was set up by Asma Shah in 2011 at her kitchen table with just £3,000 investment.

She trawled the streets of Bethnal Green where she lives, to find 25 women to enrol in the first term. It was a success, with 17 going on to jobs or full-time education.

Asma has helped 81 women through the programme since then, with 80 per cent getting jobs, going onto further education or starting their own businesses.

The You Make It course takes on 25 women a year, teaching them self-confidence, employability skills, how to network and how to lead financially independent lives.

It has support from “top achievers” such as songwriter Carla Williams who has penned hits for Beyoncé and Britney Spears. Others include lifestyle and parenting blogger Vicki Psarias and entrepreneur Jessica Huie.

Written by Mike Brook.


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 In these challenging times when many like me risk feeling left behind, You Make It provides a platform to support women to develop their skills, encourages self-expression and engagement in wider life. 
Anwara Begum , Trustee