Happy Mother's Day 

This Mother's Day, we're celebrating the achievements of some of our resilient, resourceful and thoughtful YMI Alumni mums. Having completed our programme, these talented women have gone on to set up their own projects which offer fellow mums a supportive and creative space to share their experiences. We asked four of them, Dinah, Nadine, Priscilla and Teresa, about what makes their work so necessary.


Dinah Knox-Hooke - Mother's of Men

www.mothersofmen.co.uk / @mothersofmen


"In a nut shell, Mothers of Men connect the dots! We aim to be that bridge where healing and restoration is reintroduced into the relationships between mother and son. 

Single mothers all over the world often experience feelings of guilt, shame and embarrassment. I too felt disconnected from my son for many years and subsequently was unable to mother him in the way I desired because of a situation that I felt I had caused. 

We want single mothers raising sons to know that we recognise their strengths and that we are here! Here to be their support system and to bring hope into every situation."


Nadine Davis - Create & Live



"My aim with Create and Live is to build it up to be a creative agency that encourages community through collaborative projects. 

The ACB (accountability) Club was our first project and it was great way to encourage conversation, personal development and supporting one another. Although it was open to everyone, the mums that attended enjoyed being a part of the club as they were able to meet new people, share their ideas and learn new ways to make things happen. It’s a project that I want to run in different locations and create an online platform that allows others to set up their own accountability clubs."


Priscilla Appeaning - The Stepmums Club


"I run a community for step, birth & coparenting mums and raise the topic of blended families in the media.

Platforms like mine not only give stepmums a voice but offers the rest of the community a chance to learn, support and let go of the wicked stepmum narrative. In a time where society is calling for kindness, inclusivity and a move to retell damaging narratives I stand in the gap to create that change for the forgotten mothers."


Teresa Paulo - Mums at First Sight



"My project offers both online and offline support for struggling mums who feel like they have lost their identity, have become socially isolated, or have experienced postnatal depression due to becoming a mother. The online support consists of encouraging and empowering mothers to be the best version of themselves. In terms of offline support we provide a safe, fun, engaging space where mothers are able to come together to build genuine friendships, and share our common struggles and triumphs in a safe space in hope to eradicate social isolation and normalise mental health conversations specially in BAME communities. 

It's important that mums have access to projects like mine because we are really working hard to ensure mothers understand that they are more than just mums. Being  a mother is the hardest and the most rewarding job a person could have. However, there are also so many underlying issues that comes with being a mother that many of us shy away from speaking about it and it makes the motherhood journey much more complicated and unpleasant. 

We aim to be as real as possible so people get the real gist of what it's like being a mother. We help mothers to gain the confidence to be who they want to be by connecting them with industry professionals who can help them reach their goals both personally and professionally."


We hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day, from all of us at You Make It.



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