“Ultimately, it’s in everyone’s interests to develop the talents of young women so they can contribute to society, grow the economy and make London a more amazing and vibrant place. Our women don’t just come off our programme and get into paid work – they set up fantastic initiatives of their own, create jobs by setting up their own businesses and work on social change projects. They’re enriching society – so supporting them has to be good for everybody.” - our CEO Asma Shah on why supporting You Make It should not be seen as a purely altruist act. 

Read more on how Asma set up YMI and about our fantastic results on Stylist: https://www.stylist.co.uk/visible-women/best-charities-supporting-women-uk-london-careers-bame-grassroots-asma-shah-you-make-it/221934


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I believe in the ethos of the YMI programme. I think that in the current social climate it is important to foster and develop the minds of the future generations. 
Tasharna Francis, YMI Alumni