It’s been 7 years since You Make It started trailblazing the need for women to realise and unlock their full potential. Our founder Asma Shah has always strived to ensure that other young, marginalised women of colour have the support, opportunities and the confidence to bring their dreams to life. With all the negative news on the media we want to be that glimmer of hope by sharing some of the good news that our empowerment programme has to share.
Over the years we’ve seen so many women go on to have beautiful journeys of transformation, securing jobs, pursuing formal education or starting up their own businesses. We think it’s time to share that our sisterhood has grown and is now stronger than ever.
This #WeMadeIt series will feature beautiful stories of transformation from our alumni, mentors and work placement hosts who have been involved in our work since our inception. We hope that these posts will demonstrate that if you give women a platform to stand on and offer them the encouragement and tools that they need to believe in themselves, they will not only shine but they’ll believe, uplift and give each other the support that’s needed.
We hope that you enjoy this series and are inspired to be the change that you want to see!


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I’m incredibly aware that I was very fortunate in my early career and I want to help others access the same chances I was given.
Helen Searl, Trustee