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Our 4-month long online mentoring programme gives professionals the chance to develop their relationship building, mentoring and communication skills in a structured and tested way. Through a combination of expert-led group training, support from our management team and peer support, mentors begin to attune their leadership skills to become more confident, aware and responsive by mentoring one of the early-career participants on our award-winning female empowerment programme. 

Throughout the development programme, mentors get to access:

An interactive workshop to create a clear structure and a personal vision of how you personally wish to use mentoring.

Designed by mentoring experts, the workshop content includes:

  1. Tips for the first meeting
  2. The power of process over content
  3. Breakdowns & breakthroughs
  4. Giving and receiving feedback
  5. Traditional vs relational mentoring
  6. Boundaries & Ethics in mentoring
  7. The role of the mentor/mentee


All mentors are offered a combination of peer and 1-1 coaching with our team via zoom. Our coaching offers the space and guidance to think through an action, devise solutions and overcome any blocks with their mentees.

Ongoing support and co-ordination from our Programmes Manager

We take pride in pairing our mentor matches well from the start and ensure that each mentor is fully supported across the 4 months. We work closely with mentors to share information about their mentees and organise catch-ups to discuss any particular achievements or queries.

We know that mentoring isn’t just about one-way change – as much as mentees change, so do mentors. A mentor from a previous programme has said of the process:

“It helped me in having more awareness of what I am good at and where I need to improve. When you mentor someone you need to ask questions and then answer them about yourselves first, which we do not always necessarily do enough. Mentoring teaches you to be flexible, as you have to adapt to the unpredictable circumstances of the person you’re trying to help. You make lots of discoveries about yourself and it doesn’t require too much time . . . For professionals who spend most of their life in the same environment, it’s a great way of opening up a world outside the office – you may get addicted!"

Our next cohort will take place in February 2023. Participation in our mentor development programme requires under 20 hours of time commitment over the course of 4 months. This development opportunity costs £750 + VAT per participant.


Please see our brochure for more details. 

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