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Learn from You Change It, our anti-racism allyship programme.

As a ground breaking charity founded and run by diverse people, You Make It has been expertly delivering equalities work on the ground for years. Their insight and experience make them extremely well placed to help reshape how companies can become allies in the fight for inclusion.
Chair of Runnymede Trust - the UK's leading race equalities think tank, and Sightsavers - the international charity working to support equality for people with disabilities.

Our approach to anti-racism

More than ever before there is a strong drive for people to stand up against racism in recognition of the Black Lives Matter movement and realise their agency to make changes personally and professionally. However the act of allyship comes with a lot of learning and introspection, which can be emotionally challenging and complicated to navigate on your own. 

You Change It is our anti-racism allyship programme with a human-centred approach; it allows you to learn about and solidify your values to stand up against racism in practical ways with your colleagues.


It's changed the language we use from fear and negativity and how not to do the wrong thing, to how we can positively do the right thing! This has been such a positive move in how we can talk about race.
Hugo, Director of Finance and Operations at Olivia von Halle

Why work with us?

We're an award-winning organisation recognised in the national press, and have been working on race equality agendas for over a decade. Our facilitators bring years of expertise long with rich content and their own lived experiences to progress you through the YCI journey.

Our lead facilitator is Asma Shah, Founder and CEO of You Make It, with over 20 years management experience of working on new talent and diversity agendas (including for ScreenSkills, Channel 4 and Roundhouse). Shah is a 2008 fellow of the Clore Leadership Programme, a public speaker on issues of race and inclusion, and an advisor on the Mayor of London's Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion board.


The combination of personal stories, history, facts and figures and interactive exercises are brilliantly facilitated, and the timings allowed for it to fit in with my busy schedule whilst also giving me time for reflection and homework!
Jilly, Founder of Bravand

Our Learning Pathway

By taking part you'll complete a critical learning pathway of five 90 minute long modules with a minimum of 10 people, delivered over Zoom.

1. The Stories Write Themselves

2. From Then To Now

3. Check your privilege 

4. What would you do if...?

5. Activate Your Allyship

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