Our CEO and Founder Asma Shah on the Red Talks Podcast

November 7, 2022
The image for the You Make It post, Our CEO and Founder Asma Shah on the Red Talks Podcast.

Our incredible Founder and CEO Asma Shah joined the Red Talks podcast series for an insightful and thought-provoking discussion on racism, inequality, and white privilege.

The discussion delves deeper into the impact of racial injustice and the incredible work that You Make It is doing to bridge the gap for young women.

Here’s a quote from Asma’s feature on the podcast: 

“I wanted to do something for women with similar backgrounds to myself, who have struggled with confidence, a sense of self esteem and self worth when it came to entering the workplace and navigating in it. We run very powerful programmes that work on young women from the inside out, we don’t just give them practical skills and tools to help them find work, but we also address the root causes of what has held them back”  

This is an incredibly enlightening discussion that unpacks how You Make It works to tackle these prejudices through workshops and anti-racism allyship programmes. Asma also opened up about her own experiences of prejudice and racism and how this has informed her work with You Make It.

We want to give a special thanks to Red Specialist Recruitment for providing a platform for us to share the programmes and tools that our charity offers young women.

We hope you take as much from the conversation as we did, and you can find the full episode by heading to the link here.

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