Halima's Story

From uncertainty to finding her own path to follow.

May 30, 2023
The image for the You Make It post, Halima.

Images and names have been changed to provide anonymity but our stories are real.

Halima joined the YMI program after completing her A Levels. She was uncertain what to do next and had been experiencing pressure from her family to get a job immediately, rather than continuing in education or exploring other options.  In Halima’s own words, “thinking about a career had been scary with so many people pointing her in different directions.” YMI matched Halima with a mentor who, though from an entirely different background, was able to listen to Halima without judgment or agenda and support her to deeply consider all her options before choosing her own path – the one she would feel comfortable with and proud of.

Halima benefitted from a work placement with the Royal Society for the Arts in the Education department, giving her valuable exposure to different industries.

These experiences made Halima confidence and helped her to focus on what she really wanted to do. Halima went on to complete a degree in Radiology and has moved away from London to work for the NHS as a Radiographer. We are incredibly proud of her bravery and her achievement.

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